Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to the "terrible two's!!!

Newly Weds. Jarom and Stephanie

Wedding Reception

It is the morning after and the family is resting their aching feet, cleaning up, putting food away and filing away all the good memories of a lovely reception. Jon and Jan have been planning for this event ever since Jarom and Stephanie’s engagement last summer. They did a complete renovation of their back yard and it was lovely. They will enjoy the fruits of their labor this summer and for a long time to come!

Stephanie’s parents, Lee Anne and Warner Mitchell drove down from Eugene, Oregon for the event. I had fun talking to them about their long association with Duane and Rose Marie Hatch, who lived in their ward. Lee Anne was the music director and Rose Marie was the organist for years.

Jan made beautiful satin chair covers for seating and even a satin cover for the swimming pool! I had a great time helping with food prep yesterday afternoon. Jan had three different tables set up with fondue pots for savory and sweets. The kitchen crew was busy keeping everything replenished! Jan found an M and M dispenser on E Bay that disgorged M and M’s with tiny pictures of the wedding couple on each one! Colors for the wedding party (girls) were pink and brown with pink ties for the guys.

Lots of people came. There was a conflict that arose the last minute when a regional fireside for all youth cropped up for last night. Jan said the date didn’t show up on any of the calendars she checked.

Stephanie looked beautiful in her lovely wedding dress and Jarom was handsome in his suit. At the end of the party was a fun time watching the girls start dancing to High School Musical music. Soon most of the adults entered in. Lynn was hopping around waving his cane and Josh blew us away with his dancing. We stuck around until 11:00 PM while Jarom and Stephanie opened gifts. Joseph came from DLI and ended up a major “gofer” when something was needed from the store! Unfortunately Shawn hurt his back hauling chairs.

Birthday celebration

Scott and Shawn came by and helped Lynn celebrate his 77th birthday on Thursday. We went to Erik’s Deli for some good conversation and sandwiches. Family dropped in for cake and ice cream that night. We had 18 people sitting around in the living room for a little while. Sadie was the star attraction.

Walking the Gobi

My Book Club read this book for our selection this month. It was a fascinating first hand account by the author, Helen Jackson. We got together for our discussion of the book on Monday afternoon last week when the temperature was 101 degrees! The privations suffered in the book from the heat made it seem like we were not hot at all. But we were! We had three days of this heat, and it was very unusual for this time of year.

Family News

•Lane called us from the airport in Utah on his way to Paris and home to Jordan. Debbie said the plane had to make an emergency landing in Montreal because someone was having a heart attack. This made him 6 hours late in getting home.
•Scott is learning about diabetes and it’s life-changing impact on his life. We are working on diet and he is trying to get more physical exercise in his schedule.
•Word is that Laura had her stitches out on Thursday.
•Carol called us on Lynn’s birthday. She said the weather in the Boise area was experiencing above normal temperatures.
• Robyn’s son Corey went home Thursday after being here for three weeks.
•Jeff and Sally are in their new home and having a great time getting settled.