Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sibling Reunion September 29 and 30th, 2010

We turned the corner and there was Margaret and Jay's beautiful home ready for us to enjoy our Crook Sibling reunion. Lynn and I flew in the day before from California. Fred, Elizabeth, Mary and Mel picked us up at Sally's home in Roy. We missed Nancy, Richard and Joyce and Brent, who were not able to come. Alice and John met us at the house and we settled in for a wonderful time. It was good to be together and visit. With Fred and Elizabeth leaving for their mission to China in a few short weeks, it was very nice for a chance for us to be together.

After a delicious lunch on the Hicken's front porch, we car pooled over to the River Walk in Logan and enjoyed the beautiful foliage and river scenes as we walked along. We had a passerby take a picture of us at the entrance of the Walk.

Sibling reunion September 29 and 30th, 2010

Much of our time was spent in visiting and relaxing in Margaret and Jay's inviting living room. We sat around a card table to see if we could draw a floor plan of our first home on the ranch in Fallon. It took all of us to reconstruct the walls and put the doors and windows in the right places!!

Sibling Reunion

We had a wonderful roast beef dinner stages in the Hicken's sunken patio on Wednesday evening. Corn, green beans and squash from their garden made the meal memorable. The homemade lemon ice cream was to die for!
The next day we posed for a family picture and said good bye.