Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At Grandma School on the first day of spring Josh, Sadie and Charlotte helped decorate our Easter Egg tree in the front yard.  To practice for the real Easter Egg hunt on Easter, Josh hid eggs and the girls had a ball finding them.

The kids are playing with rice in the back yard in the top picture.  Three little girl cousins pose in the wagon.  They look so cute.  Jacob is showing off his Mohawk hair piece, from his trip to Disneyland.
Lia is dancing with her Disneyland rose that changes colors magically!
James and Miekka and Seth, Jacob and Lia came to visit us in early March.  They were on their way home from a fun trip to Disneyland!

Joshua helped Charlotte and Sadie pull carrots.  They were very shocked to see the carrots come out of the ground.  Sadie said, "Gramma, your carrwots have durt on them!"  Then she said, " I didn't knowo you had a bunny!"

On March the 4th we celebrated Jonathan's 51st Birthday with cake and ice cream in a family gathering. Jessica made the stunning birthday cake, "Death by Chocolate"!