Saturday, December 19, 2009

Victorian Christmas

We had a Victorian Christmas party at the church a week or so ago. Scott was the official photographer for the event! It was an unusual party, starting with stew, bread and salads in the Primary room. We had choices of things to do such as a visit to the tea room for an herbal tea party, going to sample candy at the candy store and borrowing a fancy hat from the hat shop. We had two chances to watch the live nativity scene in the cultural hall! Mildred and I played violin and piano for background music, as did Joshua and Julia. There was also a room set up with stationery and pens to write notes to our missionaries.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

25 of us!!!!!

We were able to have one long table to seat all 25 people. Plus the missionaries we were hosts to James and Miekka and family and Laura and Matt and Lance from Utah, Anne and Logan from Salinas and local family members.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Men

The "men" are sitting around chewing the fat and solving the world's problems before dinner!

Jess, Lia and Sadie

Lia and Sadie are getting acquainted. The toys are getting the most attention!

Seth, Jacob and Lia Lance

Seth, Jacob and Lia ordered up their favorite cereals before they arrived at Grandma's house. Lia wasn't picky!