Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday breakfast

32 of us got together at Jonathan and Jan's house for breakfast on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We consumed many eggs, pancakes and sausages!!

Family photo gallery

Family pictures taken on Saturday after Thanksgiving. First picture is Laura and Matt, then Laura and Anna, Justin's future wife, then Grandpa Lynn and Everett Lance, and the last picture Anne Pettit and Melia's Aislinn.

Baby Pilgrims

Janae and Anne are steadying Charlotte Christen and Everett Lance in their pilgrim outfits.

Where is the food?

The family gathered around the tables in the Relief Society room to chat and wait for the turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, veggies, appetizers and later on dessert.

Getting ready to play Bunco in the cultural hall after dinner

KP duty

John Michael and Shawn doing KP duty in the church kitchen after dinner.

The Book Club ladies

In October our Book Club, the Best Book Buddies, read Jack London's book, The Sea Wolf. We planned a trip to Jack London's Square in Oakland to celebrate and learn more of J.L. It was a brisk and lovely day to walk along the Estuary and breathe in that ocean breeze. We ate at Scott's Sea Food Restaurant. It was a lots of fun. The ladies in our club are: Anne Kelsch, Betty Kelsey, Cheryl Baxter, Mildred Stout, Pauline Hillisheim, Vanet Greenspan and yours truly.

Book Club visit to Jack London Square

The Oakland Estuary