Friday, October 23, 2009

Square Foot garden

We are finished with the first phase our our Square Foot Gardening effort. This is on the South side our our house and will be our winter garden. In the spring we have a gravel area in the back ready for more planter boxes.

Puppet show

Grandma School kids are putting on their annual Halloween Puppet show. Kendra, Kaley, Julia and Joshua.

Our beautiful October roses

I just picked these roses in our front garden.

Hail and Farewell Party

Lynn has his cane in case our celebration gets out of hand. We are assembled to say hello to Anne and Logan recently arrived to live in Monterey and Stephanie and Jarom who are moving to Provo. 18 family members gathered on October 15th to say Hi and Goodbye!

At ease

18 of us gathered to say Hi and Goodbye!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aislinn's First Birthday

Princess Aislinn checking her crown!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Work Party

Lynn is supervising the work!!

Richard and Nancy

On October 2nd, Friday, we had a barbecue at Jon and Jan's to welcome Nancy and Richard to California. They were thrilled that Lane was here so they could visit with him. We had some wonderful smoked pork and chicken that Jonathan started the night before!
They stayed all night and had breakfast and watched part of AM conference before leaving to attend the wedding of Richard's Nephew in San Jose.

Jake plays tether ball

Scott is watching Jake, Jonathan's dog, play tether ball with himself!