Wednesday, March 9, 2011

50 candles for Jonathan!

Jonathan celebrated his 50th Birthday on March 4. We celebrated with a red velvet cake and ice cream. Present were: Jon and Jan, Rory, Jess, Sadie and Charlotte, Janae and Jordan, Josh and Julia, Lynn and Jean, Scott, Shawn, Kendra and Kaley, Logan and Anne and Jan's cousins from Cupertino.

Hail and Farewell for Anne and Logan

Logan and Anne will be leaving for Utah on March 17th when Logan graduates from DLI in Monterey. He has been studying hard to pass his Arabic tests! Anne's job at the Day Care on Fort Ord will also be over this week. We are going to miss them at our family get togethers. Lance will still be in Monterey at DLI.

The Men!

Lynn, Shawn, Scott and Jonathan have been admiring some new equipment and upgrades in Jonathan's shop!

Sleeping baby

Kendra is watching over baby Charlotte!