Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Presentation of Eagle to Jordan Lance

On May 22, 2011, Jordan Lance was presented with his Eagle badge by Grandpa Lynn Lance. The line up from left to right is Justin, Jonathan, Jordan, Lynn, Shawn, Scott and Cody Barker far right.

Jordan's Court of honor

It was a proud moment to see so many of our family in the Eagle's Nest - Lynn, Scott, Jonathan, Shawn, Lance Pettit, Cody Barker, Justin and Jordan. Eight Eagles and the possibility of many more family Scouts if they could have been present.

Eagle project

Jordan's project was building this portable display booth. It can be used for a variety of functions from street fairs to open houses sponsored by the church.

Family Birthday party May 21, 20211

The family gathered in our backyard to celebrate the birthdays of Shawn and Justin. Helping to celebrate and eat ice cream and cake were: Justin and fiance Anna, Cody and Joanna (Barker), Jessica and Rory and two girls, Jon and Jan and family, Lynn, Jean and Shawn. It was a busy day because the we had a little shower for Anna at noon for girls only. Justin and Anna will be getting married on June 18th. two parties in one day!

Shawn's birthday

Kendra and Kaley are helping Shawn celebrate his 45th Birthday with an ice cream cake. May 18, 2011.

Roses and lilies.

The Joseph Coat roses blooming in our back yard.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jana visits

Jana came to visit the first week in May. I got her relaxing with a book on the couch. She had fun driving around Monterey and taking the train to San Francisco!

Easter dinner

Easter dinner found us around Jan's new table. It seats 20 plus people and requires an large enough space to set it up. They had to move the couch out of the family room to make space for the table. The missionaries and Jan's cousin and husband joined us for the feast.
Jordan and Janae celebrated their 19th (April 10th) birthday with cake and ice cream. We have lots of family birthdays in April!!