Thursday, September 8, 2011

12th Birthday for Josh

Joshua reached the rip old age of 12 on August 27th. This was a big day for him because he was ordained a deacon the next day and passed the Sacrament for the first time Sunday September 5th. He took some friends to an arcade in San Jose for his party and invited family members to share cake and ice cream with him on Sunday night.

Book Club outing, August 29,2011

My Book Club took a trip to Monterey. On the ride down we discussed the book we were reading for this month, Little Heathen. It was a fun book to read . We went to a great used book store in Monterey (Book Haven). Then we went to a fun restaurant recommended by Jana Lance on Alvarado Street (Rosines.) It was everything Jana had promised! They serve fabulous cakes a desserts, so we tasted several as a treat to end our meal.

Sadie's 3rd birthday

Sadie celebrated her 3rd birthday. Jessica threw a Mary Poppin's party for her. The food was yummy and the decorations very creative!