Friday, July 24, 2009

Relaxing after dinner.

Scott, Jonathan, Sally and Jeff and the teeny boppers in the pool. We had a killer beef brisket for our dinner. Jonathan cooked it in his new smoker/barbecue for 12 hours! With the dips and salad and dessert, we were ready to relax.

Jarom's new bike.

Jarom has a new bike. He was "testing" it out on the treadmill after dinner last night. Jake the dog is intrigued with the sight. What will humans do next?

Swimming party

Cooling off in the pool after a barbecue on a hot July night.

The four sillies

Kendra, Christopher, Cody and Kaley are just being silly almost 13 year olds. Kendra and Kaley are turning into teens on August 2. Chris and Cody have their 13th birthday September 25.

Visitors from Utah!

Cody, Sally, Jeff and Christopher are visiting with us, just in time for the Garlic Festival. They arrived Monday night and will be leaving on Sunday. We have been having fun visiting, eating, and catching up since their last visit in May.

Antipasto on a hot day

We had an antipasto dinner when Jessica and Sadie came over the other night. Rory was at scout camp! It was a hot day so the cool food tasted good. Sadie is such a good eater. She feasted from bits of food from the plate!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sun flowers

We have a happy crop of sunflowers rearing their heads over our shed in the back yard. Right below it are happy little birds feeding on the seeds Lynn throws out for them every morning under the swing set.

"Joseph's Coat" roses

This climbing rose is doing it's stuff in our backyard. It bloomed fully in April, then got pruned heavily by Lynn the gardener. It is on it's second bloom right now. There are some hollyhocks peaking out between the roses.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Six cousins!! On the left is Joshua, then Julia, Jared, Jeremy, Kendra and Kaley.


Jared and Jeremy pose in front of the fireplace. They were all packed and ready to leave for the airport. We enjoyed having Debbie and the boys come for a few days. They arrived on July 2nd and left on July 7th. We enjoyed several meals and conversations out on the back patio. We managed to get through 3 gallons of ice cream in about 4 days! On Sunday night we had a family home evening at Jon and Jan's house. There was quite a crowd of us in the living room. We listened to David Bednar's last talk given last month to young adults. After treat, Joseph went back to Monterey to the DLI, where he is slaving over learning Arabic. Joanna's new friend Sam joined the group. Of course, Jake the dog was there being used by a pillow by Jordan while we were listening to Brother Bednar's talk.

4th of July

Family gathering at Jon and Jan's house on the 4th of July. Jeremy on the left, Jessica, Rory and Sadie and a friend of Julia behind Jessica. It was a beautiful balmy day. We feasted on turkey, lamb and brisket cooked in Jonathan's new barbecue/smoker. The fireworks were easily viewed from the back yard when it finally got dark about 9:30.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July

The 4th of July is 3 days away. We are going to have a 3 ward picnic at Miller park. We only have to drive 3 blocks! I am making Fred's beans by popular request. Wouldn't dare show up without them. We have to put them in our little red wagon and haul them to the picnic site! Debbie, Jared and Jeremy arrive today.

Memory Table

Family pictures on my memory table. On the left are Lynn's parents,Hilda and Lynn Lance, in the middle is Mother Millie and on the right are Willmuth and Royal Crook. The table belonged to Lynn's grandmother, Ada Lance. Lynn remembers sitting at the table when he and his Dad visited Grandma. Hilda stored fruit jars on it in her basement until we rescued the table and hauled it to California on top of our car!