Saturday, September 18, 2010

The mining town of Columbia

On Septemer 12th my friends, Carolyn and Sherrie Scherck picked me up and we were off on an adventure to our Relief Society Women's Retreat at Longbarn in the Sierras. It was really fun to visit some old mining towns on our way to the Dickson's cabin. We explored the old town of Columbia. I was intrigued with the Ice Cream Parlor sign featuring the name Fallon!!!

The Dickson's cabin

All of us were lodged in a cabin loaned to us by the Dickson family. Three of the 7 Dicksons live in our ward. We all found beds in the 10 bedrooms so we were comfy. The matriarch of the family loves pigs so everywhere were the evidence of her collections! There is a lake about five minutes away from the cabin, so swimming and hiking was available. We mostly read, talked, ate, talked, slept, talked, etc.

All of us

We had a wonderful time and hated to leave.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lane's visit

Pictures taken during Lane's visit in August, 2010

wedding reception

Wedding reception. 5 cousins are posing in the first picture.

Weddiing pictures

Waiting for the bride and groom, Joanna and Cody Barker August 14, 2010

wedding pictures

More wedding pictures

Joanna's shower

Joanna's shower was just five days before her wedding. We had a picnic outside in Jon and Jan's backyard.

Chris and Cody

Chris and Cody are 8th graders now and are taller than Lynn and me (almost)

Trip to Monterey

Sally, Chris and Cody came to visit us in August just before school started. We had a wonderful time with them. We went on a nostalgic trip to the Monterey wharf for chowder bowls, drove around Carmel and walked on the white sand and drove along the cliffs of Carmel, admiring the houses. On our way home we visited the San Juan Mission.

Lance.Anne, Logan

Logan, Anne and Lance came for a visit. Lance has joined Logan as a student at DLI in Monterey, studying Korean.

Family barbecue

We gathered for a barbecue when James, Miekka and kids were here in mid- July, just before James had to be home to start a new job.