Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Scott's giant mural

Scott's mural honors the DayLight Special Train that ran from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back every day.  Part of the rails went along the coast.  Many people have stopped to see the train and remember it from the past.  Scott has been on this mural for six weeks.  Today, January 10, he is finished!!!

Merry Christmas from our house, 2014

Christmas Eve Pageant

Our Pageant began with a beautiful rendition of Carol of the Bells from Justin, Joanna, Julia, Joshua. Janae and Jordan.  It was fun to have a real live baby in the "manger" and plenty of "actors" from the ranks of the family.  We ended the night with viewing the Claymation Christmas video, a must see tradition.  

2014 Christmas Eve

All available family members gathered at Jon and Jan's house for Italian food, a program and to act out the manager pageant.  Cody, Joanna, Benson, Janae and Dan were visiting from Utah.  Benson the baby was a good candidate for the baby Jesus.  Little Eleanor, in her red Christmas dress was the star of the show.


We had a surprise visit from Casaundra  Bishop and Nick Petersen.  Sister Bishop was a missionary in Gilroy for six months last year. Nick is a grandson of our close friend, Lois Blount in Boise.  They came to see us in December just before their wedding on December 27th in the Boise Temple.

2014 Thanksgiving

Our table is ready for the crowd at the home of Jon and Jan.  We had a smaller crowd than usual this year, but the food was wonderful and we had a great time.


Scott is in costume on his way to Browned School to give a day's lecture and discussion to the students about the Renaissance.  The kids loved it!