Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We gathered at Jon and Jan's home for Thanksgiving this year.  We had 23 people gathered around the table.  Justin, Anna and Luke were here from Lodi.  We had a fabulous meal with everyone contributing.  We started gnoshing at 3:00 PM and finished about 6:00!!

Welcome Baby Ava Rachel

The girls played in the playroom while we made our acquaintance with baby Ava Rachel, born November 13th, 2012.  She is adorable!  Ava has darker hair than her older sisters.  Rory is now surrounded by girls!!

Visit from Sally and Jeff

Sally and Jeff were here during the week before Thanksgiving.  We took some nostalgic drives, did some cooking and rearranged the kitchen counter space for me.  I love it!

Julia's 15h Birthday November 5, 2012

Sadie and Charlotte are helping Julia celebrate her birthday.  Julia is now looking forward to her milestone 16th birthday next year!

Charlotte and Sadie and Baby Aurora

Sadie and Charlotte like to play with the little PlaySchool Thanksgiving people on the coffee table. Charlotte has her "baby", Baby Aurora, in her front carrier.