Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 82nd Birthday to Lynn

Lynn and Grandkids April 2014

Sadi, Charlotte, Ava, Joshua and Luke have fun in the backyard with Lynn and the wagon.

Justin, Anna and Luke and Eleanor Marie

Newly planted garden

Jon and Jan have been experimenting with soil and planting methods to see if they will have a bumper crop of veggies this year.

Easter April 2014

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day.  After church we assembled at Jon and Jan's house for an egg hunt, egg salad sandwiches and a ham/lamb dinner later on.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring blossoms in our yard

Sadie and Charlotte helped me decorate the Easter Egg Tree!

Lane, Debbie and Jared visit us

We had a delightful time with our Utah visitors.  Plenty of round the table talks, family dinners and enjoyment of the beautiful weather.

Meet Eleanor Marie born March 22

 We welcomed Eleanor Marie, daughter of Anna and Justin Lance on March 22, 2014  Big brother Luke is being very helpful to Mommie, even a little too much at times.