Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Charlotte Nora Christian, born June 17th, 2010. Her Great Grandmother thinks she is wonderful!
Proud Great Grandparents admire Charlotte.
Celebrating Rory's 30th birthday on June 20, 2010. Rory, Sadie, Jessica and Jonathan are waiting for a taste of the chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dan Wilson

Carol's husband, Dan Wilson died on June 14th, 2010 of cancer. I flew into Boise on the 16th. Sally drove up from Utah and met me at the airport. We were able to meet Dan's family at Carol's home that evening. That night we sat around and got acquainted with Dan by listening to his family members tell us about him. It was a good tribute to a good man. Laura and Matt came on Friday night and left on Saturday. With a visit from Nancy and Richard and friend, Lois Blount, we felt loved. The Relief Society Visiting Teacher saw that we had plenty of wonderful food. Scott sent these beautiful star gazer lilies.

Spectacular Rainbow

The first thing we saw when we arrived at our destination was this gorgeous rainbow. It was a lovely tender mercy to see it shimmering in the sky.

River's Edge RV Park

When we drove as far west as we could from Boise, to Meridian and through Wilder, Idaho, we came to the Snake River and the RV Park where Carol lives and acts as manager of the place.

Carol's house

Carol's views

Carol has beautiful views from every window of her house. This picture shows the view from her front step. It was so quiet in the evening. I had almost forgotten how peaceful it is in the country.

Pelican riding on the Snake

Our first evening at Rivers Edge Park


We had a nice visit with Richard and Nancy. They had been in Boise and were on their way home. Carla and family live 5 miles east of Carol on the same road! I was sorry I didn't make it to see them, but hopefully we will be back to visit.

The Lance gals

It has been many years I have been with my three girls! A moment in time, but precious.

Three sisters

Laura, Carol and Sally as they 'gather by the river"

Jordan and Janae graduates of 2010

Presenting the newest graduates from Gilroy High School, Jordan and Janae Lance! We attended their graduations and listened to them singing their last song as members of the High School Chamber Choir. I love this picture of the twins!

Memoria Day in Jon's backyard

We celebrated Memorial Day at Jon and Jan's house. Debbie, Jared and Jeremy were visiting as well as Anne and Logan Pettit. Note the activity on the trampoline and the chicken coop in the corner of the yard!